Sunday, May 24, 2009

[LIR Compiler]Progress and Issues

I have added support for a number of instructions(mostly, floating points and guards, and 64 bit instructions are left). The project feels pretty robust currently.
I need to add code for reporting errors in a more informative manner(currently, I use the trivial "syntax error at line number ...." format. I will need to look into YYLOC and the related token locating parameters.
Also, I need information on how/what do display as output. Currently, I am using the program here as the base program, and modifying it to suit my needs.
Also, I am not aware how loads and stores work - for instance, what addresses are we providing to the compiler - if we store an integer using store, where is it actually getting stored. Are we directly addressing memory words, or is it stored in some LIns * pointer like other data is stored.

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