Thursday, February 12, 2009

Goal 0: step 0!

My project is to develop a standalone compiler for LIR and converting them into corresponding binary code using nanojit library.(

So far, I have made progress on Goal 0 of the project. Goal 0 was:
Write, compile and link a small C++ program with the Nanojit library.
The main aim is to get to link with the Nanojit library. The program I use just includes LIR.h,, and returns 0 from main.

So far, a working makefile has been developed, although the linking part is not yet complete. Again, I ran into some trouble with the usage of my easy build, and the makefile reported some files missing, namely jsautocfg.h and a few others.

jorendorff pointed me to a few links yesterday to correct this problem, and I am going to try to get a working build during the weekend.

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